Buying a car is an important decision

Buying a car is an important decision.

We have identified a number of tips to assist you in the buying process as follows.

  1. Work out how much you are willing to spend on a car
  2. If helps if you like the car brand and model and colour -also helps if your partner likes it!
  3. Find a dealer/car sales person that you can trust and tell them exactly what you want
  4. Always buy your car from a recognised dealership or reliable source.
  5. For second hand cars, look for a full service history and previous owner details. If you can't get the information, dont buy it.
  6. Check out the depreciation rates associated with the car you are buying. It is very easy to work out how much it wil be worth in a years's time
  7. Check out car tax and insurance costs
  8. Understand clearly what warranties come with the car.
  9. Establish when will the model you are purchasing be upgraded/replaced.
  10. Never overstretch yourself financially for the sake of a car.
  11. Keep finance arrangements within your means. If you are entering a finance arrangement,you should fix your repayments.Avoid finance arrangements that last longer than three years.